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MENU - locanda Restaurant in Nazareth



Garlic bread
23 ₪
With herb and garlic confit, served with a selection of dips
Eggplant Albasha
46 ₪
barbecued eggplant with pesto and lemon, pickled pepper
cream, black eggplant cream, organic tahini, olive oil, olives
and radishes
Nazareth Cauliflower
44 ₪
roast cauliflower served over a mildly hot salsa sauce, rich with
paprika and preserved lemons, garnished with Tahini sauce
Two rolls of labneh
42 ₪
Coated with pistachio and served with a spicy tomato salad
78 ₪
Fresh veal topped with olive oil and balsamic sauce, served
with salad and Locanda’s homemade bagel
Stuffed Mushrooms
52 ₪
Champignon mushrooms stuffed with a selection of cheeses,
coated with breadcrumbs in a citrus vinaigrette
48 ₪
Risotto balls filled with cheese and with za’atar and
breadcrumbs served with a cream cheese and Sicilian tomato
Veal sweetbread Cigar
62 ₪
Served in an amba sauce over a black lentil salad topped with
dill and Concasse tomatoes
Veal Chorizo
68 ₪
Sausages served on sweet potato and garlic cream, and onion
confits in lemon cream sauce
Land and Sea
78 ₪
Roasted striped red mullet, served with aubergine salad with
cherry tomatoes, mint and spring onions
Kebab Al-Sultan
52 ₪
Pita stuffed with home-made fresh raw minced beef meat with
homemade seasoning (Arabic spices), served with a selection
of pickles, Ambah and Tahina sauce
Shrimp a la Romana
79 ₪
Stir-fried shrimp in lemon butter, served over fresh tomatoes
and avocado cream
Galilee kubbeh
59 ₪
fried kubbeh on top of a cherry tomato salad with pine nuts and
a chickpea dressing, served with Tahini and yogurt sauce
78 ₪
Allipo style dumpling stuffed with meat served in yogurt with
saffron, garlic, olive oil, basil oil and roasted pine nuts
Arabica fillet slices
84 ₪
Veal slices stir-fry in butter and lemon, served with an
aubergine dip, and topped with roasted and salted almonds,
breadcrumbs and labneh and avocado cream
Aubergine roll
54 ₪
Stuffed with different types of cheese, served with tomatoes
and béchamel sauce, and topped with mozzarella and walnuts
Cheese platter and seasonal fruits
85 ₪
6 different types of cheese with seasonal fruits and fresh
vegetables, served with a selection of Locanda’s fresh bread


35/ 48 ₪
Finely chopped parsley, bulgur wheat, green onions, mint, lemon juice, salt, olive oil, topped with
cucumbers and tomatoes
Lebanese salad
38/ 54 ₪
Cucumbers, tomatoes, oregano, mint, sorrel (spinach dock), spring onions and feta cheese,
seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. Served with fried Lebanese pita bread
Locanda›s salad
64 ₪
A selection of mushrooms and lettuce, pickled cornichons, sun-dried tomatoes, with stir-fried
goose steak in pomegranate and teriyaki sauce
Caesar salad
64 ₪
Lettuce, red onions, cherry tomatoes and slices of chicken in Caesar and Parmesan dressing
Shepherd’s Salad
64 ₪
Crispy fried labneh balls coated with breadcrumbs on a base of lettuce, peppers, carrots and beetroots in a mint vinaigrette dressing
Fresh Salmon Salad
62 ₪
Seasonal wild salad leaves and herbs with pine nuts, cornichon pickles and Jerusalem artichoke
pickles with salmon, olive oil and home-made vinegar
Roast-beef salad
68 ₪
Homemade barbecued roast beef slices with fried cauliflower, spring onion, chickpeas and dill
served in a tahini and yogurt dressing, and topped with chilli, sumac and fried pine nuts
Squid salad
68 ₪
Stir-fried squid on a base of a selection of mushrooms, parsley and rice noodles, served in a pesto
and lemon dressing, and sprinkled with pine nuts and labneh cream
Warm mushroom salad
79 ₪
A selection of stir-fried mushrooms topped with beef fillet slices in a teriyaki and spring onion dressing
Antipasti salad
54 ₪
A selection of roasted vegetables and almonds in a pomegranate dressing, topped with baked camembert cheese


Sicilian Focaccia
48 ₪
Roast peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, roast eggplant, mozzarella cheese and rocket leaves
Roast-beef focaccia
52 ₪
Homemade roast beef topped with mustard and peppers stuffed with avocado cream and aioli sauce
Cheese Focaccia
54 ₪
Feta, mozzarella, cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives
Kebab Focaccia
58 ₪
grilled beef served over grilled vegetables in an amba and tahini sauce
Turkish lamb bread (4 mini slices)
58 ₪
served with tahini, aubergine dip and a mixed leaf salad
Chicken calzone
58 ₪
Stuffed with onion and sumac, served with tahini dip


52 ₪
Cherry tomato sauce, basil leaves, olive oil and mozzarella cheese
62 ₪
Mascarpone and truffle cream, mozzarella, portobello mushrooms, garnished with pistachios and almonds
48 ₪
Italian tomato sauce with mushrooms, olives, mozzarella,
oregano topped with parmesan
Sofia Loren
56 ₪
Goose breast, mozzarella, tomato sauce, topped with
parmesan, oregano, and smoked pepper oil
54 ₪
Tomato sauce with stracchino cheese, mozzarella,
sun-dried tomatoes and oregano
62 ₪
Yellow curry and onions with a touch of tomato sauce, topped
with chicken breast marinated in curry and an Arabic spice
62 ₪
Neapolitan pizza dough with minced beef meat, tahini sauce and tomato salsa
74 ₪
Neapolitan pizza served with roast-beef, avocado cream and pickles


Fettuccine aglio e olio
44 ₪
Olive oil, garlic and parsley leaves
Fettuccine Fiorentina
72 ₪
Veal fillet slices in garlic cream, with peas and olive oil
Fettuccine Bolognese
54 ₪
With veal, tomatoes and basil leaves
Linguini Carbonara
65 ₪
With smoked goose breast in cream sauce
Salmon green Pappardella
64 ₪
Alfredo sauce with dill and crunchy pistachios
Shrimp pappardelle
64 ₪
served in a lemon, parsley, dried tomatoes and garlic
confit sauce
Black linguine Frutti di Mare
89 ₪
Shrimps and mussels in a garlic thyme cream sauce and
Cheese Ravioli
58 ₪
with goats’ cheese
Chef’s tortellini
58 ₪
ask your server


Schnitzel coated with breadcrumbs
45 ₪
served with chips and fresh juice
Spaghetti Bolognese
45 ₪
served with fresh juice




Chicken Breast
68 ₪
in a mushroom cream sauce or teriyaki cream sauce,
served with vegetable anti-pasti
Chicken truffle Risotto
65 ₪
with a selection of mushrooms, flavoured with nutmeg and onions
Entrecote Steak
109 ₪
served with roast vegetable anti-pasti M/MW/WD
Beef Fillet Slices
129 ₪
served with Jerusalem artichoke cream with broccoli and sweet potatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar
Galilee fillet
135 ₪
served in black pepper sauce with potato puree carrots and broccoli, and sprinkled with pistachios
Aleppo kebab
135 ₪
Served with barbecue salad and a roll of bread baked
on an olive onion branch
Locanda's Burger
58 ₪
100% fresh mince beef, lettuce, tomato, onion,
pickles, served with chips – There an option to add:
Gouda cheese, goose-breast fillet, mushrooms


Meagre (salmon-bass) fillet
98 ₪
served over black roulade filled with fish-stock
polenta, and stir-fried Truffles, mushrooms and cherry
Salmon Fillet
89 ₪
a slice of baked fresh salmon with stir-fried gnocchi in
butter, thyme and cream sauce
Seafood Gnocchi
98 ₪
rich with zaafran, and served with broccoli
Freekeh Risotto
89 ₪
fresh shrimps and mussels over seasoned green
durum wheat risotto
92 ₪
stir-fried shrimps with garlic confit, olive oil, lemon,
served over mashed potatoes and topped with salted